Starting the Right Way: The Importance of Organic Seeds

Organic Pea Seeds

When I think back to all the questions we’ve been asked by our customers at the farmers market this past year, the absence of one stands out, and I must admit it surprises me. We are often asked about the location of our farm, the types of fruit and vegetables that we grow, about the presence of pesticides on our produce, and why we chose farming as an occupation. But rarely, does anyone ask about how or where we source our seeds.

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Storing Your Summer Produce

Summer Produce

One of the best reasons to buy produce at your local farmer’s market is that it was harvested in a location much closer to you, and is fresher when you purchase it than the produce available at most grocery stores. However, storing produce appropriately when you return home is extremely important to make sure everything stays fresh until you are ready to use it.
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The Great Tomato Debate

Tomatoes are the quintessential summer crop in the south. You aren’t considered a respectable backyard gardener, much less a farmer if you don’t grow tomatoes in summer. And rightfully so! After being denied all winter, everyone looks forward to the start of tomato season, and the first bite of a ripe heirloom slicer in a delicious tomato sandwich.
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Farmer to Farmer: The Importance of Continuing Education


One of the most common questions we get at the farmers market is “How did you get started in farming?” It’s a great question, but the answer is difficult to condense down into a few sentences. I do think that it’s a story worth sharing in it’s entirety, even if it’s a bit lengthy, so bear with this farmer for a bit.
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bugs) – Our Approach to Organic Pest Control

Insomnia has been in my life since college. At first, it was midterms and relationship problems that kept me awake at night. As I got older, I found myself stewing over work-related issues that I couldn’t solve, emails that needed to be answered, or office politics that never seemed to go away. These days, I’m happy to tell you that the only thing keeping me awake at night is bugs.
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