How We Grow

We Grow Sustainably

At Maeday Farm, we believe in following the USDA Organic growing practices and guidelines for many reasons. We believe that food grown in healthy soil truly tastes better and provides a higher level of nutrition. Our goal is to grow the highest-quality produce, in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for our land, our customers and our family.

We Grow Locally

Food that’s grown locally means a shorter transit time to market and restaurants. And that means our produce is just as fresh when it’s sold, as it is when it’s harvested the day before. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain a higher level of nutrients, taste better and are much healthier to eat than produce that’s harvested and shipped hundreds of miles. Reduced shipping times are also beneficial for reducing the carbon footprint of food and the overall impact on the environment.


We Grow Responsibly

We also believe that growing food without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and other harsh chemicals is healthier for our land and our neighbors. We follow sustainable growing practices so that we are constantly cultivating healthier soil through the use of cover crops, crop rotation and compost. We buy only certified organic seeds, which means all our produce is non-GMO and free from contamination.


We Grow With You

Buying from a local farmer’s market, restaurant, or family farm is a great way to support and invest in the local economy. Part of what we love about farming is connecting with our customers, fellow farmers, and sharing our love of great food. Let’s eat y’all!