Volunteer Days

Several times each year, we host volunteers on the farm to help with projects that require extra sets of hands. Volunteer days are a great way for people interested in learning about sustainable agriculture and local food systems to gain an understanding of how organic produce is grown. 

Some examples of past volunteer day projects include garlic planting, spreading mulch, weeding, thinning carrots, and harvesting sweet potatoes.

While volunteers do not need to have prior farm experience, we are looking for people with outdoor work experience. We do work outside in all types of weather conditions, and dressing for the weather is important. The work is physically taxing, and generally requires extended periods of kneeling and sitting or squatting. Most farm projects are not suitable for shorter attention spans, so our volunteer opportunities are limited to adults at this time.

If you are interested in learning about the next volunteer day, please email steven@maedayfarm.com to be added to our volunteer email list. Please include a brief description of your outdoor work history and what you are looking to learn from volunteering.